Monday, January 28, 2013

Andrea Dawn

What is the history of your place? What is your favorite element of the space?
The building was constructed around 1860, back in the time when a lot of business owners would
work downstairs and live upstairs. We haven’t been able to track down exactly what it used
to be, but we are pretty sure it was always an office downstairs and an apartment up here. My
favorite element of the space is the windows. I remember when we first walked in I was totally
overwhelmed by the beauty of the space, the 12ft ceilings, and the three huge loft windows. I’ve
also done a lot of painting and decorating here that has really made it feel like home.

You recently put out a new album with the help of many supporters on Kickstarter and went on tour to support it. What was your favorite part of making the album and being on tour?

My favorite part of making the album was the mixing. Maybe it’s laziness because that part was
easy for me! But I think mostly it was the feeling that I could breathe and let go a little. I knew the
album was in great hands with Brian Zieske (Gallery of Carpet Studio), and it was just amazing to
finally hear all the pieces come together, pieces we had been working on for almost a year and
a half. During the mixing process I took off work (my day job as a bridal consultant) and got to
spend a week just doing what I love, and doing the best part of it: sitting and listening, editing,
eating, drinking, laughing, going a little stir crazy… it’s such a good time.

My favorite part of being on tour was seeing so many different landscapes in such a short amount
of time. In one day we drove from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA, and it was amazing to watch the
scenery change. I have to mention that my favorite place to stop, however, was Brattleboro, VT.
I have a very dear friend who lives there. We stayed with him and his boyfriend for a few days,
and it was pretty amazing. We swam in rivers, and went to odd little record shops. The houses
and landscapes there seem like they are out of a painting or a movie. Paul, my Brattleboro friend,
even convinced me to go to church Sunday morning, which I hadn’t been to in about 2 years, and
it was really a place full of love and acceptance.

You recorded most of your new album here, but also recorded parts in a studio. How did the two different spaces affect the outcome of your album?
That’s a tough question. I think the multiple spaces served us in exactly the way we needed them
to. The parts we did in the studio we had down pat; we basically knew exactly what we needed
to do for drums, piano, and vocals. Everything else was a little bit up in the air. All the other
parts were done at the apartment, or in odd spaces around town. We demoed, listened to, and
reworked a lot of the parts we did here at home. It really gave us the time and freedom to play.
The downside, however, is that we didn’t back up our hard drive like we should have, and in one
devastating crash, lost 6 months of work. That doesn’t normally happen when you do everything
at a studio. But we recovered, and even ended up liking some of the re-recorded parts better. I
think for me, being able to sit alone in my own space, where I’m comfortable and record parts
before anyone could analyze or criticize them, was vital. I needed the freedom to experiment with
parts that may sound totally insane to other people. Some of those parts made the album, and
some really did sound ridiculous.

If you could play another instrument, what would you want it to be?

I would love to be able to play cello. It’s such a beautiful and soothing instrument. Plus I hear a
lot of cello in my music and it would be nice to be able to lay down those parts myself.

What book character do you most identify with, and why? (question asked by Annie)
Ok, here is my confession that I don’t read nearly as much as I should. And here is my totally
girly, stereotypical answer to that question: Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I guess I
could say that she is the character that I would most like to be. I can tend to be a very stubborn girl, dead set on being self-sufficient. My car had a flat tire one day and I just loathed that I had to
call my husband for help. I tried for 30 minutes to do it myself first and couldn’t. I think Elizabeth
would have done the same. But at the end, she ends up being love sick like the rest of the girls.
That’s pretty much me. But she’s smart and funny and different. I hope that could be me.

What would be an interesting question to ask the next person/band to be on By Measure?

What music do you think people would be surprised to know you listen to?

Andrea's Playlist:
(stream this playlist here)
1. Fiona Apple - On the Bound
2. Rufus Wainwright - Foolish Love
3. Jon Brion - Ruin My Day
4. Nina Simone - I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
5. Regina Spektor - Samson
6. Harry Nilsson - The Puppy Song
7. Feist - Let It Die
8. Rachael Yamagata - Horizon

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  1. I happen to know Andrea Dawn and she is just as amazing as a person as she is a songwriter/musician...and, man, can she SING...


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