Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nicholas Davis, multi-instrumentalist

You are in such a big, beautiful space. How many people use the space and what are all of their projects?
Mainly eight people use the space, but there are a couple of other groups of people that use the space more or less monthly. Here are the main eight:

Julian Chin - Member of the band "Capillary Action", Teaching Artist at After School Matters, avid musical improviser. - 'Cap Act' (less syllables are the future) - Cap Act blog

Teddy Rankin-Parker - Free lance cellist, member of the Chicago Sinfonietta, avid musical improviser, hobo sheik, song writer. - Solo music. - Cello demonstration for Meineke Stringed Instruments. - Involved in an experimental theater production collective.

Ben McFadden - Musical Director at Baby Wants Candy, avid musical improviser, song writer. - Solo music. - BWC official website.

Nicholas Davis - Sit in member of the musical group "L'éternèbre", avid musical improviser, aspiring circuit bender, song writer, avid sonic experimentalist. - Solo Music - An improvised set with L'éternèbre.

Rebecca Elliott - Currently in the MFA program for creative writing at SAIC, poet/creative writer, visual artist, co-founding member of the Chicago Writer's House Project. - CWHP official website. - Main artist web page. - A poem. - Poems.

Jais Gossman - Writer, performance artists, film artist, musician, visual artist, word artist, artist-artist - Video art and cinematographic works. - Youtube account. - Photos of performances & photo art.

Zivi Krieger & Kelsey Tucker - Vagabonds, Musicians, collaborative and solo photographers/videographers, Zivi is also a music studio producer and a song writer. - A band they collaborated with and produced. - Main web page. - Vimeo account.!/dtftweets - Twitter account. - Flickr account.

Also, almost everyone I listed plus many more participates or has participated in our free-form, improvisational sonic 'group therapy' -

How does sharing a space with many different artists influence your creative process?
Since there is little privacy, getting into one's process as if no one else is around is not really an option. Frankly, the reason why everyone here wants to live and work in this space is exactly to share creative process & learn from/teach each other. You know, team building games, faith falls, cry circles, it's a very circumstantial place; we refer to it as a primordial ooze of a sort. When someone is playing, practicing, or working on a project and another person is interested in what's happening, the other pipes in, for better or worse. Although we mainly have a systematic schedule for signing the space out for things like rehearsals, recording sessions, authentic movement sessions, yoga/meditation, photography studio time, etcetera.

Are there any visual artists that you feel particularly connected to?
Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sol LeWitt, William Blake, Frida Kahlo, Hieronymus Bosch, Shaina Hoffman (Chicago, Flat Iron Arts building). So, so many good ones... it's hard to pinpoint.

Your place has a huge selection of instruments and pedals. Do you share them communally or is it better not to touch equipment that is not your own?
We have all gone through a lot of shared equipment dynamics and situations in our lives, thus a grave understanding of making sure that an individuals belongings are still theirs when we all separate. Because of this we are very comfortable with sharing all for all.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Teddy can be in New York and Chicago at the same time; maybe he's in touch with one of his dopplegangers. Also Teddy is a excellent yo-yoist and unicyclist (imagine those two at the same time?!?!). Jais walks on hot coals. Kelsey can whoop anyone's ass at Super Mario Kart 64. The rest of us aren't telling. <,<.

What should I ask the next person to be on By Measure?
"What is your favorite supernatural and/or paranormal topic/noun/phenomena?"

Nicholas's favorite songs:
1. Phillip Jeck - Wholesome
2. Ensemble Pirin - Ei Mori Roujke
3. Paper Mice - Fresh Hair (Chicago)
4. LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean
5. Le Sang Song - Death vs the Rich (Seattle)
6. John Fahey - Some Summer Day
7. Ry Cooder - Fool For a Cigarette/Feelin' Good
8. The Zombies - Care of Cell 44

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